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Yoga class takes place on Tuesday evenings between 5.15pm and 6.45pm on the following dates:

Membership is not needed

A six week block is £30 and drop-in cost for one class is £6

The Details

Yoga is the ancient practice of exercise and breathing originated in India. The word yoga means “to yoke” or “union” and we understand this to mean the union of mind and body. A deeper awareness of the connection between mind and body is the purpose of our practice. Full preparation for, and a deep understanding of each asana (pose), is the aim. In laying good foundations for the asanas, physical self awareness and an understanding of the body develops. Props are used within the practice - belts, blocks and the wall - all to help each individual reach their own personal potential. Focusing on the correct alignment and posture within each pose we can stretch and tone the body, strengthen the bones and muscles, as well as bring benefits to those suffering with conditions as diverse as high blood pressure, back pain, stress, anxiety, digestive issues and many more. Yoga can improve circulation and metabolism and ease arthritis.

The class is aimed at beginners and returners to yoga. We start the class by bringing our awareness to our body by sitting quietly. We will then warm up before working towards the key poses. Classes will follow a theme, examples being ‘opening the hips’ to ‘standing poses’, ‘backbends’ or ‘easing the shoulders’. At the end of each class there is a deep relaxation.

Rosanne qualified as an Iyengar teacher in 2002 and has been practising yoga for over 25 years.

Yoga is not just for the flexible. Yoga is for the willing!

Everyone is welcome.

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