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Hickling Barn Trustees


Current Charity Trustees

The present trustees were selected at, or after, the 2022 AGM of the Barn charity. Three of them - Nick Baker, Shirley Sainsbury, and Viv Tallowin were elected at the meeting.
Louise Chicken was nominated by Hickling Football Club, Gemma Scarborough by Hickling Parish Council, Matthew Hubbard by the Phoenix Trust, and Claire Madden by Hickling School. Elish Rothney was co-opted by Hickling Parish Council.
Anne Holloway, Jacqueline Middleton, Claire Mludzinska, and Tony Swain were co-opted at later meetings.
The nominated positions for these organisations remain unfilled: the Methodist Chapel, Hickling Snooker Club and St Mary’s Church.

The full list of trustees:

Nick Baker (Chairman)

Louise Chicken (Treasurer)

Gary Glover

Paula Hannant

Anne Holloway

Matthew Hubbard

Jeanette Jennings

Claire Mludzinska

Kate Mole

Shirley Sainsbury (Secretary)

Gemma Scarborough

Tony Swain

Viv Tallowin

Complaints Procedure

The trustees of the HPFRGC always endeavour to follow the charity’s objects to ensure the best outcomes for the beneficiaries of the charity - namely the parishioners of, and visitors to, Hickling.

The trustees are committed to providing services that reflect the needs and diversity of the community the charity serves, and to do so in a way that is open and consultative.

If you have a complaint please tell us about it so that we can consider it, take appropriate action and improve our service.

A complaint is difficult to deal with unless it is reported speedily so we will not normally consider complaints about something that happened more than five working days ago.

First, it is best to talk about your concern to a trustee.  A contact list of trustees is available from our chairman Nick Baker (address below). 

If following the informal route you wish to make a formal complaint you should do so to:

Nick Baker

Chairman HPFRGC

c/o Briarley Lodge

Stubb Road,


NR12 0BN


1. All formal complaints will be reported to the trustees at their next meeting

2. The chairman will acknowledge the complaint by letter within five days of that meeting

3. Detail of how the complaint will be investigated and timescales will also be recorded in the letter

4. A response to the complaint will be provided after the next trustee meeting, or within 30 days whichever is the sooner

5. If the complainant remains unhappy with the outcome of their complaint, a suitable independent third party will be appointed by the trustees to review the complaint and its outcome