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Harvey Gibbons

01692 598725 or 07710283768


Need to know

The club is re-opening on May 18

In line with the Government's Covid-19 recovery roadmap the club will be open again from Tuesday, May 18th. The same rules will apply as were in force during our previous period of re-opening last summer. Only four people will be allowed in the club at one time, rather than the six permitted under the roadmap. This is to make sure the club stays as safe as possible. Opening days will be restricted to three a week initially, and members using the club will have to book slots in advance from Harvey on 01692 598725 or 07710 283768. You can find full details of the rules here.

Hickling Snooker Club is accepting new members from May 2021. If you would like to join please call Harvey on 01692 598725 or 07710 283768. While existing members do not have to pay subscription fees this year, new members can join between May 18th and August 31st for half price (£15). If you know someone who wants to join please ask them to call Harvey on the above numbers.

The annual subscription fee is £30. The lights on the tables are metered at £2.50 an hour – so bring lots of change!

The Details

The following time slots will apply From May 18, 2021:
The club will open on three days a week: Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. Match slots of 90 minutes must be booked in advance by calling Harvey on 01692 598725. The times of the slots are:

11am  -  12.30pm

2pm   -  3.30pm

4pm   -  5.30pm

6pm   -  7.30pm

8pm   -  9.30pm


A youthful Harvey Gibbons receiving one of the many trophies won by the old Hickling Snooker Club.

The club is chaired by Harvey Gibbons, one of the founders of the original club who became known as ‘the Hurricane of Hickling’. He remembers finding one of the tables in bits under a boxing ring in Fleggburgh – and getting it for the bargain price of £50.00. Within a year or so of the club starting up it was in the Yarmouth League and on the way to prizewinning success.

Another success for the old club at an event sponsored by fertilizer firm Sands Agricultural Services. Their snappy slogan was “For crops as even and weed free as a billiard table”

Among the characters Harvey recalls from those days was Fred Shepherd who used to light the stove in the old village hall which the club took over from the Women’s Institute. “Fred only had one arm, and used to rest his cue on a special attachment on his artificial arm, but he was a good player.”

Fred’s stove was one of the reasons why the old club had to close in 2005 – it proved too much of a fire risk for the insurance company, meaning that the hall became too expensive to keep going.

Harvey supervising the removal of the table slates from storage in October 2011, ahead of their move to Hickling Barn.

The decision to close the club was taken reluctantly. The tables were dismantled and the parts carefully numbered before being put into storage in a dry barn on the outskirts of Hickling. In October 2011 all the parts of the tables were taken out of long-term storage before being reassembled and re-covered by an expert restorer.

More Activities

There are so many activities at Hickling Barn including, badminton, cinema, keep fit, snooker, pilates & football.