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Weekend Bookings Policy

Weekend Block Bookings Policy


Hickling Barn is a community resource owned by the Hickling Playing Field or Recreation Ground Charity. The members of the charity are in the vast majority parishioners, property owners and businesses within the Parish.The Barn must be run commercially to ensure that its running costs are covered, but at the same time should be affordable and available for members use. The Barn has a weekend block booking system for weddings and exhibitions. The letting of such bookings to non members needs to be controlled to ensure that the facility is kept available as much as possible for community use by the charity’s members. Such lettings also need to be of enhanced financial benefit to the charity to compensate its members for the loss of availability of the facility.


Hickling Barn should be let in such a way that it covers its running costs and remains available as much as possible for members use. When bookings are received for the Barn from people who are not members of the charity, the following will apply.

1. No more than 12 weekend block bookings a year should be accepted from non charity members without the prior approval of trustees.

2. Such approval will only be granted if there are demonstrable community benefits or financial needs for the booking to be accepted

3. No more than two weekend block bookings will be allowed in any four week period

4. Ideally, weekend block bookings should not take place on consecutive weekends.

5. The price of weekend block bookings to non-members of the charity will be increased by 50% to provide a compensatory income to the charity for the benefit of its members.

This policy will be reviewed and updated by the trustees every year at the charity's AGM.