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March 13, 2021

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Getting Back to Normal at the Barn

March 13, 2021

As we move into April we're looking to start reopening activities at the Barn in line with the Government's roadmap for easing the Covid-19 restrictions. We are expecting outdoor activities like football and croquet to resume from early April, with the gym re-opening on the 12th - operating along the same lines as it did before the latest lockdown. In May, we are hopeful that some indoor activities like snooker and exercise classes can resume.

We are also planning to hold a number of events later in the year - assuming there is no setback to the roadmap recovery plans.  We may still be restricted in the number of people who can enter the Barn at any one time. We must also make sure that events are organised safely - for all the visitors and for our volunteers who run them. We plan to focus on events for Hickling residents rather than for people from outside the village. If all goes well we will hold the Village Show on Sunday, August 1st. Later in the year we hope to put on a race night, a music night and a quiz. The annual fireworks and bonfire is due to take place on Sunday, November 7th - hopefully a chance to celebrate getting through the pandemic. As a pre-Xmas treat, the pantomime is scheduled to return on Sunday, December 12th.

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